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We build on patents from the American company Strandex and we offer “know-how” and “show-how” exclusively for your country and region.

30 Years
of Experience

Woodplastic Group provides complete services for production of wood-plastic composites. Our technology is among the best in the market.


Our technology allows you to create stunning designs, exceptional widths and light colours unlike anything else. Being different is what gets us ahead of competition.

Eco Friendly

Ecologically friendly material that is strong, durable and uniform. Moreover, it is highly resistant to salt water, sub-zero temperatures, fungal decay and UV radiation.

Our technology worldwide

Leading wood-plastic producers use our technology. We are working on finding exclusive partners in the world and creating an international network of wood-plastics producers.

Success Story

WPC – WOODPLASTIC a.s. is our partner and producer of wood-plastic composite decking. They have grown from scratch into well-respected and established global producer exporting to more than 25 countries.

Their business doubles each year in production as well as revenue and profit. Take a look at
their website, if you're interested.

Growth & Clear Potential

Prediction of wood-plastic production worldwide (kilo tonnes)

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Top Quality & Eco-friendly Material

A selection of appropriate extrusion process is crucial for production of wood-plastic composites. Using the right technology greatly influences properties of a final product. Products made by our technology exhibit unique properties allowing our producers to guarantee 25 years warranty on their products.

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Wood-plastic composites produced by our technology stand out amongst competition due to their outstanding quality, long life cycle, and beautiful design. Deep knowledge and experiences in the production process continuously broaden our product portfolio, enabling our partners to offer larger variety of designs, size and colours more than competitors.

We are fighting against the deforestation of tropical forests by offering alternative technologies creating much better products in all aspects rather than just the tropical wood. Our mission is to achieve production of 100% eco-friendly material through our partners. It makes us truly proud to be able to state that our partners' products contain only wood with PEFC certification.

Outstanding properties of our technology allow you to treat wood-plastic composites in the same way as wood. It can be cut, planed, machined and fastened. At the same time, wood-plastic composites are resistant to termites and fungal decay. Another advantage of the composites is their improved impact resistance and swelling induced by the uptake of moisture which is lower in our composites (0.93% following 24 hours immersion) than in wood (2,6% for ponderosa pine).

Produced deck board, fencing, and cladding are 100% recyclable and our technology enables recycling of all the production waste. This is not only ecological but also economical. Secondary products can be made using only production leftovers. Woodplastic Group is constantly looking for opportunities on how to increase the content of recycled polyolefins and at the same time maintain material uniformity and high quality standards of the products.

Fast Realization

Your facility can be up and running within a few months.

Proven Technology

Reliable production, stable material composition and properties.

Minimum Waste

All the production waste can be recycled.

Top Quality

Outstanding quality, long lifetime warranty, beautiful designs and colours.

Unique Die System

Improved mechanical properties of the product, faster production, homogenous product, no fraying along product edges.

Laser Control

Faster production, less production waste, faster production start-up, beautiful designs available.

Full Profile

No water or fungus inside deck boards, no banding, tearing, and cracking.

Two-step Production

Dry mixture, no air bubbles in an extruded mass.

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Benefits & Production Process

Explore The Process

American Technology

The American company Strandex has been developing new technologies for the extrusion process since the 1980's making them one of the most experienced companies in the WPC business. Over the years, they have been perfecting the processes, including both the materials and equipment in their research facility.

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Strandex has thoroughly studied each component of wood plastic material – their behaviour and interactions with each other in the die system. After years of testing various materials under different conditions, they were able to develop manufacturing processes that enables continuous production of perfectly uniformed material with desired properties.

To quickly start the production without any problems, it is necessary to have standardised equipment from proven suppliers. Stradnex and Woodplastic Group have licenced equipment contractors that not only deliver reliable high tech equipment but have the ability to design the most optimal equipment layout based on the available space.

Improvements of their technology did not come up just within the Strandex company but also from their licensees. Ideas from their partners had tremendous effect on the production processes and their optimisation. We would like to follow in the same direction and share all improvements amongst our business partners.

Strandex has developed a complete package for starting up the wood-plastic composites production. In 2017, Woodplastic Group SE decided to build on Strandex's knowledge to become an established producer off their expertise.

Become Our Partner

Our interest is to build long-term relationships with our partners and cooperate on a regular basis to grow their business and increase their market share.

Our technology has been developed for one purpose only and that is wood-plastic production. We extend our services beyond a onetime payment to a mutually beneficial partnership. A key to our success is your profit


WPG provides a complete material description, in order for you to have full understanding of the used raw materials.


We will assist you in finding raw material suppliers for the wood-plastic production.


Based on all the inputs collected, we will calculate the total cost of production and return of investment for you.


We will secure employee training together with our partner WPC – WOODPLASTIC in the Czech Republic.


We cooperate with licensed equipment suppliers. The main benefit of using standardized equipment is the ability to start production within a few months.


WPG will be at your service for any technical difficulties.


We are constantly improving our production processes to achieve maximum efficiency.


We will help you decide which product is the most suitable for your business based on mutual experiences in the local market.

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